£250,000 investment into offsite production

Harmony Timber Solutions Invest £250,000 into the offsite production business.

Harmony Timber Solutions are to inwardly invest £250,000 on additional machinery, plant, hardware and software. Our timber frame and timber solutions departments will be purchasing the new plant and equipment to further reinforce their market position and production capacity.

Due to the increased demand over the last year and forecast of increased demands on offsite production across the construction industry it has been decided that we will be investing heavily into our Kent factory. With the new capabilities comes new opportunities to assist our existing client base and also new clients wishing to benefit from increased volume, decreased lead time and higher quality products. We have a long standing and highly experienced team of designers, managers and production teams to ensure that our high standards are maintained and grown.

The offsite production is seen by both key industry players and the UK government as critical to improving the sector in terms of efficiency, cost, quality and sustainability – not to mention meeting the current housing crisis. According to government figures, the offsite construction sector is currently accounting for 7% of total construction output in the UK, worth more than £1.5bn to the economy.

We at Harmony Timber Solutions are investing to ensure that we meet these increased demands and continue to maintain our short lead times.

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