Vehicle Risk & Safety in Lifting

Harmony Timber Solutions are proud to announce we are official partners of Construction Safety Week 2019 (21st – 25th October) organised by the Construction Industry Federation.

Read our CSW post here for an overview

On the fourth day of the Construction Safety Week, Thursday 24th October, the focus is on Vehicle Risk & Safety in Lifting Operations.

According to the European Commission Transportation Department “it has been estimated that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributable to inadequate cargo securing”. Cargo that is improperly secured can cause severe accidents, which may lead to lead to the loss of lives, the loss of vehicles, the loss of cargo, or cause environmental damage. Cargo must be placed on the vehicle so that it can neither endanger persons nor goods and cannot move on or off the vehicle.

Construction Industry Federation

With prefab construction there comes the risks involved with transporting the product from the factory to the construction site, however when managed correctly this risk can be greatly reduced and the possibilities of injuries or even fatalities greatly minimised.

We are greatly aware of these potential issues with our vehicles and lifting, every step of the way and these include:

  • The lifting of our product onto lorries.
  • The correct strapping of the product to the lorry bed.
  • Ensuring the driver is fully competent and a skilled lorry handler.
  • Transportation, including low level bridges and possible collisions.
  • Approaching construction sites with potentially unsafe landscapes.
  • Correctly un-strapping of the product ensuring no items have dislodged/moved during transportation.
  • Unloading from vehicle to designated area on construction site.

We have detailed the correct procedure for this and more in our Hazard & Procedure Information Pack:

Hazard Procedure Information - Unloading - Roof Trusses - Open Web Joists - Posi Joists - Harmony Timber Solutions UK & Ireland - Timber Frame - Supplier - Manufacturer - Timber Panel - Wicklow Dublin Kildare Meath Carlow Wexford Louth Kilkenny Westmeath, Kent East Sussex West Sussex Surrey London Essex Hampshire Berkshire Oxfordshire
Hazard & Procedure Information Pack – Unloading of Roof Trusses & Open Web Joits

Be sure to check back during the week and also check our social media accounts for #CIFSafety19 updates!

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