3D Interactive Collection

For over a year Harmony Timber Solutions have been utilising SketchFab in order to give our clients an interactive 3D representation of their planned works.

We have been mostly using this in our Roof Truss and Posi Joist department and the feedback from our clients has been nothing but positive.

See below for some examples of the work being uploaded and shared by our designers and view their full profiles:

See below for some examples of this in action:

Roof Trusses

P11602C – McCarthy – Chipstead by Harmony-RS on Sketchfab

P11593A – Churchill – Sidford by Harmony-RS on Sketchfab

P09190S Plots2-3 by keithr on Sketchfab

P11634A by WillowF on Sketchfab

P11678A by WillowF on Sketchfab

P11522B by Harmony-KP on Sketchfab

Posi Joists

P11194D-REA Construction-Harold Court Road by Harmony-KP on Sketchfab

P10684C by Harmony-KP on Sketchfab

P11170H-Panorama-West Block by Harmony-KP on Sketchfab

P11241G Posi-Joist 1st Floor Plot 22-25, 30-31 by valb on Sketchfab

P11219A Posi Joist 1st Floor by valb on Sketchfab

P10721S Posi Joists 2nd Floor Plots 2-4 REV G by valb on Sketchfab

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