The Benefits of Passive House

Since we announced our newly certified in-house Passive House Consultant, we have had an increase in people asking what Passive House is and how it can benefit their next build.

Passive House buildings are thoughtfully designed to be energy efficient whilst performing (or out performing) the same structural and aesthetic requirements as a traditional building.

Below is a list of some of the benefits achieved with Passive House:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved through a Passive House building being able to out-perform a traditional buildings ability to store the energy created within the building. Resulting in less energy being required.

A Passive House has the potential to use up to 90% less energy than a low energy house.


Although only a small change, ultimately with less energy used for electricity and heating, Passive House will assist lowering pollution and global warming as opposed to increasing it.

Of course, there is still some energy required for the heating and lights etc in the first place. But a Passive House means that solar panels become much more of a realistic possibility.


With Passive House designs implemented throughout a building, the energy & utility costs are much lower!

If the property does manage to achieve 90% less energy usage, you can simply look at your yearly energy costs and knock a ‘0’ off to see the difference!

Peace & Quiet

As anyone will tell you who has walked into an un-insulated, single glazed property – insulation means sound dampening!

And with the highlight insulated requirements for Passive House, an extremely quiet building is achieved!

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