1st UK EC5 Independent Roof Truss Manufacturer

Harmony Timber Solutions are pleased to be recognised as the first fully compliant EC5 independent Roof Truss manufacturer in the UK. Pictured above is our Managing Director Garrett Dempsey and Mitek’s Sales & Marketing Director Roy Troman, finalizing the details for what promises to be a long and successful relationship.

What is EC5 and how does it benefit you, our customer?

EC or Eurocode started in the 1970’s to provide a common building code for all European countries, EC5 is a code from EC which relates to Timber structures and co-exists with the UK’s existing BS5268-2, which in the near future is planned to be fully replaced by EC5.

As an innovative company Harmony Timber Solutions jumped at the chance when approached by Mitek, the leader in Timber Engineering Software, to become the first user of Pamir, their new EC5 compliant software.

What are the benefits?

  • Compliant with all of European building codes
  • EC5 is the only code being developed for future use
  • Consistent performance through the service life
  • Comprehensive results provide better proof of suitability
  • Deflection and vibration results are far more accurate
  • Timber and plates designed simultaneously not independently
  • We are now fully BIM (Building Information Modelling) compatible

Obviously, learning new software is not without its difficulties, and some customers may have noticed a drop in our efficient turnaround of quotes. We have addressed this and have recently employed a new Roof Truss Designer to assist us with designs. We are now back to our usual rapid response periods, and look forward to using what our designers refer to as the best Roof Truss design software available.

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