Our New Engineered Posi Joist Press Has Arrived!

Due to the increase in demand for metal web joists(Posi Joists) the decision was made to invest in a state-of-the-art metal web joist (Posi Joist) press. It has been such a hit with the engineered joist production team that the other timber frame and roof truss production teams want to join them in using our new Posi Joist press!

We are now able to press two metal web joists at the same time and up to a maximum length of 12m! By using the built-in mechanical clamps to keep the joist in place we no longer need to pre-assemble and pre-fix the open web joist frames before pressing. Accompanied with the quick and efficient cycle times it has allowed us to hugely reduce our manufacture time, but also increase the quality of the pressed metal web joists, benefiting our expanding customer base.

As well as the accelerated production times our new Posi Joist press offers excellent safety functions. Automatic stop parking bays at either end and the photo electric cell sensors offer ensure the safety of our production team at all times.

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